The 2017 Reunion Weekend which was held on May 12th through the 14th and saw many alumni make the trek back of Our Home by the Sea for their 5 year Reunion.  N.H.A.A. President Murray presided over the Alumni Dinner Banquet on Saturday evening of the Reunion Weekend.   Not only were there lots of reminiscing and good times, but classes provided enormous financial support to Hampton University and its current students.  Reunion class leaders leveraged many innovative techniques and processes to incentivize classmates to support Hampton and each technique worked to various degrees.  The Reunion Classes giving report (as of May 15th) follows:

Class of 2012 $        6,862
Class of 2007 $      18,205
Class of 2002 $      16,586
Class of 1997 $      23,623
Class of 1992 $      62,000
Class of 1987 $   105,000
Class of 1982 $     40,000
Class of 1977* $     54,696
Class of 1972 $   174,182
Class of 1967 $   119,625
Emeritus Class $1,309,260*

The totals contributed during the banquet from Reunion Classes were $1,930,039.   Our push for annual giving or contributions for alumni who are not in reunion netted another $505,426 for a grand total of $2,435,465 from classes and individuals for Our Home by the Sea.

(* Includes a one-time gift that was not presented at the banquet)

Some classes will collect additional funds between the May 14th presentations and June 30th (the close of the Fiscal Year) which will be reported separately.

(** Class of 1977 registered the most classmates attending the 2017 Reunion Weekend activities)

Additionally, the Northern Virginia Chapter of NHAA presented a $12,000 check to support our Home By the Sea.  The Hampton Chapter of NHAA also provided $2,000 to the university along with the Hampton Nurses Association that supported the university with $2,000.  The NHAA also provided $1,500 in support of Hampton University.  The Alumni Giving Chairs thank each and every supporter of Hampton University for coming back and supporting our Home by the Sea.   The stellar efforts of Chapter Presidents, Class Leaders, and Reunion Classes and alumni members at large will have a direct bearing on increasing our current donor base percentage of 28%**.  The final donor base numbers will be calculated after the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2017.

(**Un-audited at this time)

The University’s Business Office and Office Alumni Affairs has begun to show Class Giving for years        in- between Reunion Years.  The sample below illustrates the financial support provided by Class of ’72 from Fiscal Years 2013 through 2016 leading into the 2017 Reunion Year.  This was done during the Alumni Banquet.

Class of 1972

Fiscal Year 2013 $   10,350
Fiscal Year 2014 $   13,416
Fiscal Year 2015 $   35,997
Fiscal Year 2016 $   48,572



Philanthropy Option #1

Most of us are mobile throughout the day either working, going to school, volunteering, etc.  At the end of the day all of us have change in our purse or pockets. During the Class Reunion weekend, there were all kinds of Dooney and Bourke, Michael Kors, etc., purses that probably had several ounces of change in them. Take the change out your purse or pockets and put them in your “change jar/container”. We suggest you either once or twice a year visit your local Coin Star machine that will count and sort your coins for you.  Support HU by donating the change to Hampton.  wice a year take the coins to the “Coinstar” machine and get it counted  or roll the coins the old fashion way and donate that amount our Alma Mater. There is a fee for the coin sorter and counting work but you would be surprised how much change you accumulate over 6 or 12 months. This also gets the Donor Base percentages up which helps show corporate America that our Alumni are giving back.  It is important to see the amounts given and the number of alumni who support the school. Finally if you work for a corporation, they might even match up to 3:1 for the “change” you are contributing.  Check that out.

Philanthropy Option #2

During the latest Reunion class meetings, the Co-leads were asked about saving options to support Hampton University.  Here is another way that works without a lot of extra effort.  Step 1. I use Bank of America as my bank and debit card. There is a program called “Keep the Change” See your banker to see if they have a similar program. They set up a special saving account tied to your debit card. Whenever you use your debit card, the change remaining to the nearest dollar gets deposited into that saving account. So this morning if you got gas with the debit card for $53.77, the $.23 goes into the savings acct.  Step 2. At the end of the year or whenever you can donate “that change” to your Home by the Sea.  Additionally if you work for a corporation, see if they will match your donation.

Philanthropy Option #3

In case you don’t want to deal with “change”, an easy way to make a $520 or $1,040 annual donation is to simply save $10 or $20 per week by foregoing a few latte’s and/or cappuccino’s.

Divine Nine Pantheon Update

Corrective action was taken to repair the bricks/pavers that were deemed unacceptable.  We encourage all members of Greek letter organizations to purchase a brick/paver to secure your legacy at our “Home by the Sea”.  The donor base percentage should grow significantly this fiscal year based on the amount of people who provided support to their respective sororities and fraternities.