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1868 Loyal Blue Club

The 1868 Loyal Blue Club is the official annual fund campaign at Hampton University. This recognition club honors the commitment of donors who maintain consistent and consecutive annual giving to the University through our 1868 Annual Fund Program. Consistent support through the annual fund serves as the cornerstone of Hampton’s continued growth as a research institution for the 21st Century and is critical to Hampton’s ability to provide financial assistance every year to deserving students.This special group of loyal donors share a passion for ensuring student success at all levels by making an annual commitment to giving back to our great alma mater.

How To Become A Member

Members of the 1868 Loyal Blue Club support the Student Emergency Fund with a gift of $18.68, $186.80, or $1,868.00. By working to eliminate financial hardships, the 1868 Loyal Blue Club helps to remove barriers to education and keeps options open for our students to attain the quality education and experiences they seek during their time at Hampton. Membership in the 1868 Loyal Blue Club is up for renewal each fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30. Simply make a gift of at least $18.68 annually and maintain your membership through consistent annual support.

Why Give to the 1868 Annual Fund Program

The 1868 Loyal Blue Club honors the legacy of Hampton’s commitment to a Standard of Excellence and encourages alumni, parents, and friends of Hampton to contribute annually and commit to:

  • Removing barriers and opening doors for students
  • Increasing the number of scholarships awarded annually
  • Supporting the mission of the University to retain students to completion of their degree.
  • Demonstrating high levels of donor participation in annual giving to Hampton.

Membership Levels & Benefits

Benefits vary as alumni reach new and important levels in their commitment to Hampton.

Qualifying Levels

  • Charter Giving: 1-4 years of consecutive giving
  • Milestone Giving: 5-9 years of consecutive giving
  • Leadership Giving: 10-19 years of consecutive giving
  • Lifetime Giving: 20 or more years of consecutive giving


All donors receive:

  • The quarterly 1868 Loyal Blue Club e-newsletter where members are recognized for their annual fund membership and learn about the impact of their gift to the Student Emergency Fund;
  • The annual 1868 Loyal Blue Club Card for member discounts and benefits; and
  • Donors receive an 1868 Loyal Blue Club lapel pin

(This is a one-time gift to be awarded the first year of their established membership level. Pins are only awarded once you join a new qualifying member level.)


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