Vision Statement

National Officer Position: President
Willie Williams, Jr.
Northern Virginia Chapter
Chapter Experience:
Northern Virginia Chapter President 2014 - 2018
B.S. - Finance, Hampton University
MBA - Arizona State University
National Experience:
Executive Board 2018 - 2022
Nominations Chair 2018 - 2021
Regional Experience:
Mid-Atlantic Region 1st Vice President 2012 - 2022
Vision Statement:
My vision for NHAA, Inc is threefold: increase the upward spiral of the alumni giving participation rate, increase NHAA, Inc. local chapter giving to the University during reunion weekend, and enhance the relationship with the University to protect the great heritage of our beloved alma mater. I plan to work with local chapters to increase their member participation and subsequent giving participation to the University. Equally, I plan to also work with the chapters to foster local fundraising best practices to collectively increase contributions to the University.

Alumni chapters across the country are doing innovative activities to increase membership and fundraising. I believe we need to create an environment where information is shared to the betterment of the organization as a whole. I believe that as the active membership of our organization is seasoned in age, we must recruit and nurture more young alumni participation in the organization ensure its viability in the future. Succinctly, I believe (as do you) that Hampton University has played a vital role in my life and I /(we) have an obligation to give back so future generations can share in the Hampton Experience we enjoyed during our tenure.