Vision Statement

National Officer Position: First Vice President
April M. Broadway
Winston-Salem, NC Chapter
Chapter Experience:
Winston-Salem Chapter President (2012- Current)
Winston-Salem ChapterVice President (2010-2012)
Winston-Salem Chapter Secretary (2008-2010)
B.A. - Hampton University, 1988
M.A. - Appalachian State University, 2001
Educational Consultant
National Experience:
National Parliamentarian 2018 - Current
National Bylaw & SOP Committee Chair - 2018 - Current
National Protocol Co-Chair - 2012-2018
Biennial Conference Co-Chair (2014 & 2020)
Regional Experience:
NC Regional President (2010 -2016)
NC Regional Vice President-West (2012-2016)
NC Regional Parliamentarian (2008-2016)
Vision Statement:
As a proud Hampton alum my desire is to share our “Hampton Experience” with everyone. After diligently serving in leadership roles at both the chapter and national levels, I understand the importance and value of “Telling Our Hampton Story” and celebrating our rich history. One of the most important duties of the First Vice President is to be an effective liaison between the National Hampton Alumni Association Board and the Reunion Class Leaders. I will work closely with these leaders, all chosen by their classmates, to reach and engage all alumni from our notable newest to the distinguished Emeritus Class. In this role I’ll also have the privilege of ensuring our outstanding alums are recognized and their extraordinary Hampton stories told.

I’m uniquely qualified for this role as I’ve held various positions on the NHAA Board under three Past Presidents. Each of these remarkable leaders made great strides towards their growth goals and created incredible momentum that we can’t let diminish. It would be a honor of a lifetime to serve as your First Vice President. I will work to ensure all alum feel an unwavering connection to our glorious Hampton family. Thank you for your vote.

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