Raquel Watson

Candidate for Corresponding Secretary
Raquel Watson


Digital Platform & Portfolio Manager, Consultant – Digital Implementations


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Master of Business Administration, Technology Management


National Experience:

2022 – present

Corresponding Secretary

2018 – 2020

Chair, Mentorship & Career Network

2014 – 2018

Chair, Technology Committee

2010 – 2015

Co-Class Leader

2010 – 2012

Chair, Technology Committee

2008 – 2010

Corresponding Secretary

2004 – 2008

Chair, Technology Committee

Regional Experience:


Chapter Experience:

2022 – 2023

Member, Technology Committee – Blueteenth Gala

Chair, Gala Nominations Subcommittee

2011 – 2014

President, Atlanta Chapter

2006 – 2008

Vice President, Atlanta Chapter

2002 – 2006

Chair, Technology Committee

2006 – 2008

Chair, Fundraising Committee

Vision Statements that Exceed 200 Words Risk Full Statement Not Being Printed on Ballot.

In the capacity of Corresponding Secretary, my primary responsibility lies in preparing and distributing all correspondence for business undertaken by the Board of Directors and Alumni Council. If elected, I aim to implement the following initiatives:

·       Collaborate with NHAA, Inc.’s leadership and Marketing team to develop a robust framework for the streamlined capture, automation, and prioritization of correspondence distribution.

·       Partner with this dynamic team to curate a regular newsletter showcasing noteworthy National, Regional, and Local highlights, along with alumni achievements, events, and contributions—cultivating a profound sense of unity among our alumni.

·       Coordinate with the Marketing team to centralize key alumni information, creating a user-friendly hub on the website for seamless access and engagement.

As a seasoned Technology Professional, my commitment is to continuously enhance how we connect and inform our alumni. Let us collectively embark on a journey that champions efficiency, forging a more robust and interconnected alumni network.


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