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National Hampton Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Application

Greetings Fellow Hamptonians,

The National Hampton Alumni Association, Inc. Endowed Scholarship application is now available. As an alumni association we assist the university with recruitment and supporting current students by mentoring and providing scholarships. We are offering a scholarship of up to $10,000 to high school seniors who have been accepted to Hampton University, are actively engaged within their communities, and are academically prepared to begin their collegiate career at Hampton University.

Please encourage students you know that plan on attending Hampton University to apply for our National Alumni Endowed Scholarship. The alumni association is here to aid and support students at “Our Home By the Sea.”.

In the Hampton Spirit,

Calvin Ruffin, Jr.
Co-Chair Student Recruitment Committee

Carole Dupree-Fennell
Co-Chair Student Recruitment Committee

Attachment: National Hampton Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Application


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